New Beginnings

After living in New Jersey for the past 7 years, I decided it was time to follow my dream to live in California. I feel drawn to the sun, warmth and ocean. I see a lot of sandy toes in my future. ☀️

Leaving New Jersey was very bittersweet. Bitter in that I’m leaving behind so many people I genuinely love…along with my business that I worked so hard to create. Sweet because I’m following my dream and opening my heart to a new adventure. ❤️

This whole experience has really made me reflect on the concepts of change and growth. Things are always changing, that’s the beauty of life…but what this decision has made me realize is my relationship to how I experience change: Do I embrace and grow OR do I resist and control?

I’m choosing to let go and trust the magic of new beginnings. Am I scared? Hell yeah. Is my mind full of questions about ‘what will happen?’ Of course. Am I eating more chocolate than usual to help me cope? You betcha.

But I jumped. I leaped…and I’m growing. I’m choosing to embrace ALL of my emotions, experiences and all of myself. Change feels more fun when I let it happen without attachment. Change feels more free knowing that leaving New Jersey isn’t an end…but a continuation to a new beginning.

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