My Story

Hi girls! My name is Sarah Andersen aka “The Healthy Passionista”

I help teen girls and young women live happier and healthier lives with Life and Health Coaching.

I know how hard it can be these days to be a girl. The pressure to live up to the expectations of your friends, your parents, your teachers, and even yourself can be too much at times. Then there’s the comparison and the need to live up to the image the media portrays of what you “should” look and act like. And of course the confusion with all the different diet trends and what being “healthy” actually means.

I’ve dealt with these pressures myself, and come out the other side. I’ve learned how to truly nourish my body from the inside out and feel confident in my own skin. I’ve learned to be authentic in all areas of my life.

But I wasn’t always this way. I had a relatively happy teenage experience, but it wasn’t until later that I realized that I didn’t always have someone to share my thoughts and feelings with. I felt a constant pressure to be “perfect”.

By all external appearances, I was very confident, but inside I felt self conscious and disconnected from my own heart and my own body. I wasn’t living true to myself. Instead, I was trying to live up to the expectations of everyone else.

Sound familiar?

I tried countless quick fixes just to get the body that I thought I needed. Diets, diet pills, eating plans, exercise plans and more… You name it, I’ve tried it.

I hated my body, and I equated being pretty with being skinny. I felt like no one knew the real me because the real me wasn’t good enough.

I was worn out, and exhausted from trying to live my life for everyone else. Eventually, I got burned out, and knew I needed to make a change.

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease, (gluten allergy) that I truly began to explore my relationship with food, my body and myself.

The turning point.

Sarah Cooper Andersen | The Healthy Passionista

After getting sick, I started on a journey of healing my own body through a change in diet, lifestyle and self love.

I realized that even those of us who appear strong on the outside could use a little help now and then. Coaching doesn’t mean you are weak, it shows your strength, and your willingness to work to bring out the best in yourself.

I had this authentic excitement for things I wanted to do and share so I started a blog to find people that were interested.

I realized I could help others experience the same transformation that I had.

After being certified as a Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Teen Life coach by Teen Wisdom, The lightbulb went off! I wanted to work with girls, teens and young women. If I had known some of these things earlier, I would have been different.

I am very youthful, and connect very well with girls. Sometimes I feel like I am still 13 on the inside. I realized I could provide a role model who lives an adult life, but hasn’t lost the adventurous spirit, laughter and fun that every teen girl needs. .

I had found my calling.

A holistic approach

I came up with the concept of empowering girls in mind-body experience. I believe that you create your life from the inside out. There is so much focus on the outer part, with diets, exercise, calorie counting etc.. but what I am most passionate about is the emotional, inner aspect.

When you begin to love yourself, and your body, it’s easy to eat healthy because you love your body, not because you hate it. It’s easy to want to be active, and live a fun life, because you know you deserve it.

When you deal with difficult emotions in a safe environment, it makes it all the easier to make changes in your life. After all, health and happiness is lifelong journey, not just a sprint to lose 10 pounds.

And I love seeing other people make changes, I get inspired by it. So, why do I do it? I can’t not do it.

The transformation that I see in my clients is unbelievable. When girls tell me that their lives are changed forever, it melts my heart. My friends all say they WISH they had someone like me in their teen years.

I don’t get to keep my coaching clients forever, but I have them for a short time, and I get to see them go out and thrive in the world. Sort of like a parent seeing her child all grown up. And I want the same thing any parent does. For their kids to be happy.

Are you ready?

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