Working with Sarah has been an amazing experience. First of all, she has really helped me to embrace authenticity and become more comfortable sharing what I love with the world, as well as just being myself.
She taught me that to be vulnerable does not mean to be weak, but in touch with your center and your heart. This lesson in particular helped me to let go of a lot of the control I tried to have over my life, and to live more courageously and freely, trusting in my own heart and having more faith in myself as I am.
Sarah has helped me to strengthen a lot of my core views and helped me to embrace everything I believed in, making me more confident in myself!

And when it comes to nutrition, Sarah has made a big impact. I’ve never really been that aware of my food choices or that concerned with them, but her guidance has really caused me to stop and think about the nutrients I’m putting inside me. I take pride in my appearance and try to do the best for my body in the long term now. I have learned what works for my body, what feels good and what doesn’t, and what it really means to live simple, clean & whole.”

— Meredith, 17

I worked with Sarah to make lifestyle changes in the areas of health & wellness. I felt comfortable sharing with Sarah and enjoyed setting goals to implement the life changes I wanted to make. Sarah’s method is empowering & educational. Sarah helped me to believe that I do deserve to live a healthy & happy life.”

— Katie, 20

From coaching with Sarah, I learned a lot about myself and talking with Sarah felt like talking with one of my best friends. When I had soccer tryouts, we did coaching sessions that really boosted my confidence and was part of my success to making the team. My experience with Sarah was amazing and I hope it will continue.”

— Emily, 12

My daughter worked with Sarah to help build her self esteem and deal with social challenges. I saw a huge difference in my daughter’s attitude and overall outlook on life.”

— Karen, Mother

We adore Sarah! She has amazing passion for the work she does, and truly lives her dream as she helps young girls become their unique selves.

Our daughter has grown tremendously in many areas of her life through working with Sarah. Her self-esteem and self-awareness are two key areas of focus which have been strengthened through Sarah’s expertise and loving guidance.

Sarah is a must for any girl that wants to be a better version of herself!”

— Rebekkah, Mother

Sarah has helped me completely change my lifestyle. I have learned so much working with her.”

— Christina, 19

Sarah radiates positive energy. She genuinely cares about making a difference in people’s lives and helping them meet their health and fitness goals. She has a unique way making healthy living fun and something I want to do for the rest of my life.”

— Erin, 17

I originally went to see Sarah because I wanted to lose weight. I was feeling self conscious in my body and was ready for a change. Working with her inspired me to change my relationship with food and my body. . I feel healthier in my mind and body and know now that I want to feel amazing everyday, I want to glow with health and I want to live an amazing life.”
— Chelsea, 25

Sarah offers a “fresh” new perspective on wellness.”

— Katie, 30

Sarah makes it really easy to share and talk with. She made me feel like my health journey was unique and I wasn’t just a cookie cutter client. I trust Sarah and don’t know where I would be without her.”

— Olivia, 19